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Welcome to RBI's online Application Tracking System
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set up an online "Application Tracking System" for a common person to submit and track the status of the submitted Application.

How to File an Application?
To file an Application, the applicant must have their credentials on the record of the Reserve Bank of India. Initially, any person having a valid e-mail id can login to "Application Tracking System" by clicking on नया यूज़र. Thereafter, users can file an Application along with facts of the case supported by documents, if any.

How to Track the status of an already filed Application?
To track the status of an already filed / submitted application, the applicant must login with email id and password as recorded with this site

The RBI's online Application Tracking System can be accessed via a web browser over the Internet. The following list provides details on system requirements for the application to function correctly:

  • You will need a web browser that has JavaScript activated and Cookies enabled.
  • Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer 6 and above.
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Please enter your Email id and Password to continue.

If this is your first time using the RBI's online Application Tracking System, click on नया यूज़र to register.

If you are already a user of RBI's online Application Tracking System and have forgotten your password, please click on पासवर्ड भूलगये

If you need assistance, please utilize the Troubleshoot
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